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“Mum. Mum? Mum! MUM! MUM?!?!?”

The sooner I get a laptop, the better.

It's only Wednesday of my first proper week.  I only had lectures on Monday so far.  But the chaos is real.

I'm exhausted. I think just from using my brain and general trying to work out how to juggle kittens and flaming swords, rather than DNF (definitely not fibro) or anything.

I was explaining to B earlier that my head is like a room full of drawers, and at the moment they are all crammed full and every time we try to shove anything in there, it falls out and gets broken and trampled on.  Therefore she is in charge of storing Guides information in her own drawers.

Frustratingly I have a whole case of carefully locked and organised filing cabinets that contain Red Dwarf knowledge and huge chunks of Blood Brothers.... Go go memory.

So, today I sorted a whole load of Life Stuff, and then collapsed and slept.  But that means I slept through school time, so now I am attempting to do the various reading and things that I need to do, but it is with the constant background of "Mum!!!!".  Waiting til bedtime isn't possible as it is Wednesday and therefore I am on taxi duty for the next three hours.

I know we'll settle into a routine, and it is just where it is all new right now, but seriously, I want to sit in total silence somewhere for the next twelve years.  I'm loving the course content (which is handy as I did absolutely no research into what the course consisted of before I applied or started!), I'm loving my brain working.  I'm feeling more alive.  But at the same time I am fairly sure my brain will soon ooze out of my ears.brain

Tomorrow is hectic, but I get to see Stray, so that should reset to my happy place (woah).

It's early.  So early.  I know that I have Time to read everything in the world, but I also know that I am a woman with three children, who hasn't studied in forever, so I need to give myself all the help I can, which for me means reading everything in the world.

Poor B gave the The Look yesterday... she foolishly managed to ask me "Is a character who is  only in the film, not the original novel, still "real"?"  That is NOT the question to ask the person who was very interested in the Adaptations lecture... seemingly I gave an Adam answer.  Her eyes glazed over and she backed away...


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