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Can’t people be “people”?

Not my normal post about  my life stuff.  This one is a pondering and a musing (now amusing, not really a laughing type thing).

So  much in the news in the last 12 months or so about transgender people, the most recently being a child being taken from their mother as they are raising them the "wrong" gender.

This is a subject that baffles me so much.  I don't understand any of it.  That is because I am lucky and am clearly in the right body type?  To me, I am a person.  It has never really crossed my mind if I feel like a girl.  I feel like a me.  I feel a very confused mess most of the time, but gender doesn't come into it.

More and more children seem to be announcing being trans.  Is it like with things like autism, that we don't have more autistic children, we just have more knowledge so know that they are autistic (or trans) children?  Or is it that children have always been transient in what they are, be it "boy", "girl", "unicorn"?

In my ideal world, gender wouldn't matter until you're older.  Well, it wouldn't matter at all, but baby steps here.  Before 13 or so, children are children.  They flick between preferring to play with boys or girls based on their age and brain development.  They haven't developed the major hormone differences.  Once all that does kick in, then choose which gender you want to be, if any.  Until then, just be a person.

If you want to wear a tutu, wear a tutu.  If you want to wear a cape, wear a cape.  What you wear doesn't care if you have inny or outy parts.  It doesn't mean that someone is a girl for liking "girl" clothes, it means they like the clothes.  Same goes for hair, make up, and everything else.

I know that wanting society to just see people as people is something stupidly far in the future that probably my grandchildren's grandchildren might experience, but why would it be so hard?

Female chair...

Why can't we just be told what pronoun people want and leave it at that, or even make up new genderless ones?  Or just take them like French furniture - the chair being male or female is a language thing, not what it prefers wearing, can't people be like that?  Make all bathrooms and changing rooms unisex.  Why aren't they??  Urinals are a weird as hell concept anyway.  If you don't want your body looked at whilst changing, use a cubicle.  There are creeps out there, always have been - they aren't going to suddenly appear because you can pee in the same room as each other.

My one request is this - if your chosen gender is ambiguous, please  can you let me know your preferred pronoun because asking feels rude and I don't want to upset you!

I'm not getting into sports etc  btw, that is a physical biology thing and a whole different area.

2 thoughts on “Can’t people be “people”?

  1. I like your post😊 and I agree, why can’t we just respect each other, live and let live. In regards to transgender children, I feel I’m in the position to giveyou my opinion being mother to a four year old girl who was announced male at birth. There are many, many millions of children who enjoy playing and dressing with toys/clothes of the opposite gender. Some parents, like us, have no problem with this, while others may actively discourage it and even punish for it. Both my children have dressed in girls clothes, when they want, played with “girls” toys when they want…but only one of them is transgender. The difference is quite clear to us as parents and to the family, friends and community who know our children. One has no fear of expressing his feminine side while the other actually is feminine but not just in the way she chooses to dress, but in every aspect she is a girl.
    I believe the number of transgender children is not increasing but the number of parents who are willing to accept, love and affirm their children has increased.

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