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The Day the Dyson Won

Had to do a creative writing thing about my life today, so figured I would put it on here.  I had to decide what to write about, there were lists suggesting life changing moments, big memories, funny, sad... The most life changing thing has to have been Adam's cancer, but writing about that is so broad, and dark.  I needed humour.  So it came to the Dyson Incident, the point that I look to where it all started, I know it had been lurking silently for a while before, but that is the point I know it all changed.


It was the week when everything would change, but we could never have seen it coming. Five years ago, the children had broken up from school for Easter.  The weather was horrible, so we had been stuck inside for the weekend, but on the Monday we decided to brave the elements and visit friends.  After a fun few hours the eldest was looking pale and tired, so we headed home. The electricity was off when we got back, making the house cold and dark.  Once that was sorted, all the children went to bed and I curled up with a book knowing that Adam was at his place for the night. After finally stopping to sleep, I began to doze off when my slumber was broken by a familiar panicked yell "MUM!!!".  It was the tone that any mother knows means to run in as fast as you can with a bowl before a child turns into a sickness volcano. A few hours passed, she finally settled to sleep and I braved returning to bed.  Two hours later and I was awoken with another yell, a different voice... the illness sharing was begun. For three days this continued.  My life was a mass of washing bedding and holding broken babies as they tried to sleep.  I managed to sleep in short bursts, but I was contemplating a caffeine drip just to survive.  Then, the inevitable happened.  I was no longer just tired... I took to my bed and ohana kicked in.  We all pulled together to get through.  By now Adam was just as ill in his own home, so not able to help.  His was lasting the longest, purely because he likes to win, I'm sure. Friday came and the sun broke through the clouds.  We all felt pathetic but healthy again.  Now was the mission to fix the hell hole that the neglected house had become.  Children were set to tidying toys, I took to the Dyson.  Wanting everything to be spotless (I suspect that was over exhausted insanity speaking), I set out to vacuum the stairs. Never any problem in the past, but today I decided that I didn't trust the machine just waiting at the top of the stairs.  No, I would make it safe and wedge it into place.  Halfway through the stairs, I was realising that I had lost my mind, but I was finishing the job dammit!  I moved up a step and felt the tension in the hose release.  I looked up as everything went into slow motion.  The monster of a vacuum cleaner was headed straight for me.  I had no time to think, no time to move or save myself.  It crashed onto my head. Pieces of plastic scattered, blood dripped down my head.  I sat and swore, then cried that it was all Adam's fault with his excessively long sickness... The Dyson was dead, the concussion lasted a few days, and Adam... he never stopped being sick.

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