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Oh my god Karen!

I was always in my own little world and a bit distracted.  Sometimes a little over bouncy and talked too fast.

I swear I am getting worse though, or I am noticing it more, or something.

Tonight was GCSE Options Evening with B.  We got to talk to the nice Home Ec lady (food tech, is that what it is now?) not because B had any interest in taking it, but because I saw mini pizzas and bounced into the room...

They also had helium balloons.  Just lurking there outside the classroom we were waiting to go into.  Bobbing up and down in their alluring latex way...

"Adam... she's playing with the balloons" was the sigh from B.

I think the thing that I am now most aware of now though is my not monitoring my mouth.  I don't know if I have always been like it, or again, if it is just getting worse as I get older.  I was very offended when Furball listed me in his Top 5 Socially Awkward people list.  Offended enough that I have just called it a top 5 when it was a top 3.  But since then, I am noticing more and more where he may have gotten that from.  It's not just my unwillingness to People unless I have to.  It is actual interaction.

I ask questions.  If I want to know something, I ask.  I used to work sat next to a Jehovah's Witness and I remember getting gaspy faces from the girl opposite me because of the random questions I would ask her, but I wanted to learn more about it all!

Tonight I think my favourite line from B was about her not asking someone about something:

"I tend to think if you would ask them it, Mum.  Then I don't."

Yes, the Aspie girl is using me as an example of how not to interact.  I regularly get given The Look when she has friends round as there are Things I Need To Know about them (utterly obscure stuff) and she says I can't ask them as you can't ask stuff like that.  In the same way as when she met a deaf girl she informed me that you don't just ask when you meet them if they have always been deaf or if they lost their hearing, and how...

I have become Karen.  Maybe I have always been Karen.

Now I know though, it is a case of do I try to change it, or just embrace it and become a weather forecaster?


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