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The Sacred Art Of Silliness

Not gonna lie, been struggling a lot lately.

I don't know why, just a brain blip maybe, tiredness, stress, absorbing Furball... no idea.  All I know is that it has been all too much and a lot of time has been spent either under a duvet or asleep.  Or both.

I'm hoping that Easter will give me a chance to bounce back and enjoy life and my babies again.

This week we went to see Russell Howard, and it was awesome.  An evening of laughing does so much good.  More importantly though was the message that we left with - enjoy silliness.  Life is hard, the world is crappy, be silly.  Make bad jokes, laugh, just be happy.

We don't do it enough.  There is always something to worry about, be it personal, family, world issues.  That worry so often becomes all encompassing and shuts out everything else.  But worrying does nothing.  I know that as I say this many of you are laughing as I am constantly worrying or feeling guilt, but even though I suck at listening to reason, I am aware of it dammit!!!

The next couple of weeks I want to be calm, and happy.  I want to laugh.  I want to enjoy my family.  I know it is going to be hard to stick to as I don't seem to be programmed that way as my default setting.  So my aim is just one silly thing a day.  More is better, but just one is all that matters.

Just one lot of giggles chasing Dude to tickle him.  A bad one liner watching TV to make Furball groan.  One come back from B that makes me laugh.

Be silly.  Be happy.  Each thing should snowball and we can live in a happy world.dare-to-be-stupid

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