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The importance of setting in The Yellow Wallpaper


Having the title of the blog post relate to the assignment that I am not managing to write means that I am totally still doing work on it.

Short story creative writing assignment - pretty much finished.  Boom.

The Yellow Wallpaper... just not happening.

I know exactly what I think about it all and what points I feel there are, but I am either sucking at my google-fu or no-one else in the world has written about it.  This is definitely one of the hardest parts of university for me.  Nothing is just my thoughts, everything must have been thought of and written about (in official places) before.  I am too opinionated and want to be able to rant about MY things.

It doesn't help that this particular one is so close to my heart.  I have felt that crushing feeling.  I can understand how she sees what she sees in the wallpaper, and why.  I feel like I just want to empty my brain about depression onto the essay but I know that I can't.

I know I could just do it here, but it isn't quite the same.

But... it's OK.  I will make it through.  This is the final essay of Year One.  Then just exams and I have made it through.

It has been hard, it has been amazing.  I have had some incredible experiences and made friends for a lifetime.  When I started out it was a case of trying a year and seeing how I feel at the end.  Now I can't imagine not planning to complete the degree.


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