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Screw you, Fear

I have always been frustrated with politics when people said "Well I actually agree with these policies, but they won't get in so I guess I'll vote for these instead as they have a chance".  Always I have argued that with that thinking nothing will EVER change.  If everyone who felt like that voted with their hearts, what would happen to the results??

This year though, I have been so scared of even longer being destroyed by Conservative power that I have been looking into tactical voting, and who might have a chance.  Even with family running for the party I actually agree with most, I have been scared.

But I am done.  Why the hell am I going against myself through fear?  Giving into fear is what I am trying to raise my children against.  If I want my babies to believe in themselves and their values, then I have to be able to do that too.

Follow your heart.

But please, vote.


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