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Revising… creative writing… totally the same thing
Yes, this is TOTALLY the same as doing revision. I decided for the first time ever that I would respond to a writing prompt on Reddit. Figured I may as well put it on here.  No editing or thought process occurred, I sat in the bath and typed. You gain EXP for everything you kill and you know when you gain EXP. Easy kills like bugs get you only a couple of EXP, tougher kills give more EXP. One day at home doing nothing, you unexpectedly gain 1500 XP... She sat quietly in the dark and softly brushed the blond curls off of his face. Sleeping. Peaceful. Hers. She had known that having children would raise her XP. For the first eighteen years they aren't responsible, so any increase would become hers. The higher the XP, the harder the final battle, but it was worth it for him. He was inquisitive. Boisterous. It made sense that hers was rising faster than the other mums'. Dainty little children who freak at mud and grass will obviously accidentally kill fewer critters. It was just common sense. Ok, hers may have been going up rapidly lately, but she'd taken up gardening. There were the slug pellets. The ant poison. Every bit would do it. She took a deep shuddering sigh, and wiped away a tear. The cat was clearly a freak accident. The counter clearly just used hers as he was the one to find him. The cat had been in his arms so his last breath probably counted as his kill. James must have just wandered off and gotten lost. His mum will find him tomorrow, cold, hungry, but no worse for wear really. He was definitely just lost. The search party would find him soon. She told herself over and over. Just lost. Just lost. But the words couldn't keep their conviction. They rang more hollow with every repetition. Tears flowing freely, she carefully picked up the cushion. As gently as though she were wrapping him in a blanket, she laid it down on his face. The tears splashed on the fabric as she pushed, as she held it in place. Minutes passed, and she heard the too familiar beep. 1500 XP. That's the value of a boy's life. The same as had come through this afternoon...

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