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She’s just a child herself
Two nights ago a murderer chose Ariana Grande's concert to kill 22 people. Families had children taken from them.  Children had parents and childhoods destroyed.  So much pain and fear. I keep coming back to Ariana herself though.  At 23, a career of her dreams,  packed stadiums of people.  People there to see HER. I can't see how she would be avoiding the thoughts of "if not for me,  they would be alive." The reality is that it was a murderer who caused it,  but the human mind is a horrible thing and twists reality. She's so young,  and now may be feeling that she has the blood of 22 on her hands.  I hope that she has good people around her.  People who can help her through whatever feelings may be tearing at her.  That she can have the support to not let the negative voices twist things, to not let this break her. I send all the love in the world to everyone affected, including Ariana Grande.

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