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Bullet Journals Baby!
Look at any woman with ADHD and they will show you a whole array of systems. Things, processes, routines... Each one is going to be The One. Enter - Bullet Journals!
Look at any woman with ADHD and they will show you a whole array of systems. Things, processes, routines... Each one is going to be The One. It will be the one that sticks. The one that makes organisation suddenly click. The one that means we won't be THAT parent who forgot the mufti money, or the scout payments and health forms (sorry Rob), or the guides reply (sorry Kathy).
  • I have various remnants of systems... The chalk board by the front door - has a message to me from a month ago.
  • The fridge with dry erase pens - updated weekly but then lost coating and was no longer wipe clean.
  • Folders - so many folders. Generally used for a fortnight before I return to mountains.
  • Digital systems - OK, Google Calendar is my lifesaver, but so many others have come and gone.
  • Tubs - that was going to be an awesome washing system. Clean washing in individual tubs, everyone puts away their own... Tubs now with mixed odd socks etc or AWOL in bedrooms.
  • FLYlady - looks at chaos... Yeah... Um...
Anyway, I like writing. I like pretty stationery. The next logical fad was always going to be Bullet journals. Seemingly they were created by someone with ADHD but I haven't actually fact checked that. Pretty much... Blank book. Write down stuff. Break it into days, weeks. Break it into to do lists. Deadlines. Things to remember. Write it, then write it, then write it again until it's registered in that ball off fuzz some know as a "brain". Obviously as with every simple concept, the Internet has run with it. It has become the new scrapbooking. Pretty colours, pretty writing (seriously, how do people do writing like that???), doodles, blogs dedicated to different layouts, Pinterest boards full of ideas and other people's pretty things. I should have gone with basics. I know that. But pens! New notebooks!!! Pinterest!!! So obviously being one to encourage any random fad, Stray bought me a book and I got to work. I'm actually quite pleased (pic overload soon). I'm trying to Bob Ross my attitude. Mistakes are just happy accidents. I've set up stuff for the year, and stuff for August. I've tried slightly different approaches for each week to see what works and what doesn't. I know myself. I am not doing colour co-ordinated. I am not obsessively using just one pen. If I do that, I won't use it incase it's WRONG. One of my main likes however is HAPPY. Writing down one thing per day that made me smile. I'm also aiming at a "productive" for each day... That thing that quiets down the black dog by saying "Go you, you cooked a meal. That's a THING you did." I'll probably lose the book by mid September, but that's OK. It can start and end as and when the mood hits. If nothing else, creating it was therapeutic, and I think doing it one night a week would help my happy stick. For now... It's fun. That's all I need.
(I had issues with picture sizing due to using the phone app, and now I can't seem to shrink them on the main site... meh.)
Bullet Journal cover
Bullet Journal year
Year at a glance
Bullet Journal BIRTHDAYS
Bullet Journal Layout school year term dates
School Holidays
Bullet Journal Month Happy Times
Month start and happy things
Bullet Journal Month Layout
Layout 1
Bullet Journal Month Layout
Layout 4
Bullet Journal Month Layout
Layout 5
Bullet Journal assignments
Bullet Journal Book list
Uni Reading
Bullet Journal Christmas ideas
For me to note down present inspiration as it comes

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journals Baby!

  1. Hello there — found this blog entry via a Twitter search. Just wondering: were you able to keep up with your bullet journal? I’ve tried every system out there as well, but this sounds soooo promising. (Also, I’m planning on putting a Tile “slim” tracking device in my notebook so I don’t misplace it.

    Best wishes,


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