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Long Live the Queen… In honour of Wendy
20170818_221034 It has been a long week, and today I was meant to drive to say goodbye to my friend.  It was too much though, and I knew she would rather I say goodbye at home and not break myself, than drive to where her body was. So, I pulled myself together and got ready for a birthday party.  I heard her voice in my head when I considered wearing the magic knickers, from a time when she realised it was better to be happy and you, than uncomfortable and thin. I am now home, sat by candle light, with some happy flowers, my cards, and obviously, a glass of wine.  She would be happy with this farewell. We "met" in the Viper's Nest in 2005.  She was trying to decide whether to embark on potty training Molly, and I was getting started with B (Molly was far more successful).  I remember that the first glimpse of her spirit came through when she decided that it'd be fiiiiiiiiiiiiine potty training a child whilst going camping.  We realised we were local to each other, we had matching age children, similar beliefs, and could often be found trying to agree to disagree with UnquietDad on spiritual threads. We didn't meet in person often, but when we did it was like we were lifelong friends.  There was no awkwardness, no breaks in conversation, just this easy connection. 2010 was the year of the universe shifting, the year of our changing and evolving into who we were meant to be.  Butterflies emerging from cocoons. We found ourselves single, but happy.  Ready for what would come next.  Over the next few years she made her dreams happen, and she held me strong as I worked on mine.  The last time I saw her properly in person was late 2011/early 2012.  She did me a tarot reading, and never one to hold back the truth, she told me that things were going to get hard, really hard, but that I was with who I was meant to be with, that we had found each other after years of passing by.  She told me her plans, she talked of her dream boards, of the man she was destined to be with... Our lives continued, we stayed in each other's computers, if not in physical lives.  Her joy when she got her man just radiated from her.  When she moved to where she was meant to be... She just had this soul that shone.  Being around her felt calm and right.  Her getting the life she deserved felt so pure. Then I got the message from her.  She was ill.  Really ill.  But you always think there will be more time.  You always plan to meet up, to have that coffee.  Then, it's just gone.  There is no more time.  That coffee, that glass of wine can never happen. Wendy, you were pure and bright in a world that is so often not.  I am blessed for having had you in my life.  Molly, Gee, Pete... You are in my heart, it is not fair that you have to carry on without her. The song in my heart: [youtube] The song I believe she would want us to live by: [youtube]  

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