How hormone fluctuations affect ADHD… or… Reasons why I am an idiot
Hormones are fun things.  They give pain, they give random mood swings, they give depression.  For those with ADHD though they add a whole new level of fun.  They make ADHD enhanced.  Yeah, the normal amount of chaos and confusion is multiplied, PLUS the hormones themselves add in self loathing. The best way to deal with this is to find humour in the madness.  The most recent I shall relate now. We inherited a turtle over the weekend (whole different story).  He spent a few days in a travel tank whilst his main tank was being sorted.  Now, happily transferred into the main tank, the travel tank is sat empty in the kitchen.  Dude came to ask me what would be happening with it, and I said that once I had worked out some sort of cover for it, maybe clingfilm, I would put it in the garage. He stood with the most confused look of disbelief on his face and said "What about using the lid?" Yes.  The lid. The one that had been on the tank for the entire weekend. The one that I had taken off purely to empty the tank. The one that I had completely forgotten even existed. So yeah... that's hormone me.
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