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What’s the point?!?!?! (A student finances rant)
I started university a year ago.  We took a drop in income for me to be able to do it (you can't study and have a partner medically unable to work.  One negates the other apparently.)  That was fine.  Well not "fine", it was hard, but we felt that the outcome of me being able to have a career and earn more in the future would outweigh the struggle now. No more of that pesky draining the state for benefits.  Loans all the way. We have accepted all of this, and powered through. In the summer term (nice and early), we applied for the second year.  We sent Adam's information online as was suggested, and it was marked as received.  Our account was set up as completed and I was given the basic amount... nothing to show my partner or my three children. We called.  Again, before A level results etc to be there before clearing rush.  They were seemingly waiting for it to be submitted in hard copy and had put a hold on it so not bothered to process the evidence we had already submitted. "It will be processed now, it may be slow because it will get busy, but it will be put on priority".  Fine, whatever, just get it done. Now, another month down the line, and it is STILL not processed. Calling today and we get "my system is down, you need another advisor.  No, I can't transfer you, you must call again". Four times round the entire system, four times "no, my system is down".  Asking to file an official complaint FINALLY got us spoken to by someone who can use a computer. Now waiting for them to tell us what is going on. As it stands, I have about £1300 coming into my account.  To support a family of 5 for FOUR MONTHS. I understand why people give up.  I understand why the disabled are killed by the government (they do NOT commit suicide, they are killed.) As of now, the call has been disconnected. Anyone with advice please, let me know. UPDATE!
£0 income because we CANNOT CLAIM FOR A PARTNER BEING UNABLE TO WORK with me being a student was apparently counted as having "forgotten" to put an income. They seemingly need evidence now, and want to take another 30 days.
You have to physically type in £0 (it doesn't auto fill if you leave it blank iirc).
They didn't contact us at all, thinking that it was weird to "forget" when filling in a form and already complaining once.
I'm so tired. He is not physically well enough to work. Isn't ill according to DSA so gets no disability support. Isn't entitled to apply for ESA as I have an income... that income is loans. I cannot refuse the loans and take it out on credit cards (which would be crazy but bear with me), as that is me refusing an income, and he then would not qualify for ESA. But that income is a loan that must be repaid... not an income.

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