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Lazy? Tired? Who can tell??
Understanding your brain and body after diagnosis
No spoons I need to tidy. I need to read. I need inspiration for my presentation. I need to shop. What I am actually doing is watching Project Runway whilst snuggled under a duvet. Urgh. ADHD comes with the "not lazy" tag, but sometimes I know it is just laziness. If I got off my arse I could study, I could sew, I could live in not chaos (yes, I cannot think of the word for Not Chaos). But I want to curl up. I want to sleep. My legs feel like lead. Is it fibro? Is it hormones? Is it just cba syndrome and I'm making excuses? I don't know. There's a lot of self doubt that comes with ADHD. After a lifetime feeling careless, lazy, and haphazard, it comes as standard to use those words about yourself. But then you realise that you need to filter through and work out when they truly apply. I'm not deluded. I know that some times I am any or all of those things. But I also know that sometimes I am hurting. I am tired. I am overwhelmed. I don't know how to differentiate. How to know when I need to kick myself into gear and when to accept it. I guess it will come with time as I learn who this me is. Confused,  learning,  who am I? (oh btw Bullet Journal... I managed a month before forgetting it existed 😂)

4 thoughts on “Lazy? Tired? Who can tell??

  1. Haha! I left “bullet journal” as an option for planner on my last post b/c I think every ADHD girl must go through the period of “This is awesome! It will save me… wait, you mean I have to commit to doing my own layout EVERY SINGLE WEEK?!” for themselves. Some things cannot be taught, only hyperfocused and abandoned for themselves. Post bullet journal, look into Passion Planners. They are kind of like a bullet journal that somebody else did the work for! I learned about them after my own failure of bullet journaling and love them.

  2. Ah, just got an answer to my other question. 🙂
    Definitely gonna keep it barebones simple for sure, then.
    Will let you know how it goes…



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