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Adulting is hard (aka How do you apply for jobs???)
I have a placement year next year, so I need to apply for jobs. Seems simple enough, but no. Firstly, I'm old. Everything I knew about writing a CV is no longer what is done it seems. Then you get to add in that I am applying for "creative" positions, so the CV had to change again. I need something called an Infographic CV too seemingly but we haven't covered those yet. Anyway, I did the course, I did research, I created a semi presentable CV. All fine (ish). Next bit though is the Cover Letter. Now as far as I can tell, they haven't changed much, but at the same time, I am back to this whole creative thing. I'm applying for positions involving me writing, involving me having personality...
Dear Sir, I would like to apply for the position of x. I can do e, f, g. I am suitable because of s, t, u. Yours sincerely...
It's not right is it? Not for creative, outgoing roles. So what do I do? Do I write my letter as me? Do I keep it formal or do I answer their questions as I would perform the role? Do I try to find some middle ground? And then there's names... Do I write Mr Tootles if his name is listed as "Mr Tootles, Dave". What about "email"? Do I write Dear Norbert? Do I write Dear Mr Poolmost after having googled and discovered that Norbert Poolmost works for that company? There's so many rules and they all change and blur and I can't adult anymore. Help!


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