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I love Carrie Fisher
I need to blog, it has been forever. I am scared though, so scared. I need a placement for next year, and that is all that is going through my brain.  I have so much that I am so passionate about, but I feel they are meant to take second place. Say for example... "Take Your Pills".  It is a "documentary" on Netflix.  How To ADHD (YouTube) gives a balanced response.  Mine involves many four letter words.  I don't know how to retain my passion into something intelligent.  I know what I want to tell the world - I want to tell them about my experience with medication.  About my daughter and what I think for her future.  I want to talk about my own experience just trying to get the medication.  I even have people prepared to talk to me from the #whyitakemypills movement on twitter. But it is all too personal.  Too raw.   No-one will hire that.  No-one will publish that. (This may also have crossed over into my other issue where I have to write an article for my next assignment). I've just watched The Last Jedi.  I want to write about how my heart is breaking having lost Carrie Fisher - a woman I have never known, but the loss of makes me sob. I don't know what to do.  Do I blog about what is in my heart and soul? Do I work out what to blog about to get a job? Do I just empty my brain? I just don't know.  All I do know, is the world has dimmed since Carrie Fisher left us.
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