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The hair and the interview
I think the Hare and the Tortoise still has a better ring to it... but at least it's not the Hare and the Hedgehog.  Seriously, if you haven't read that, go now.  It's ok.  I'll wait...  I'll never forget my innocent little baby coming home and insisting that it was a hare and a hedgehog, and my horror reading it! Anyway, that isn't what we're here for.  We're here about hair.  Body hair. At the moment my friend is researching to write a piece about body hair, the acceptance of, the removal of etc.  (Go read Hayley's musings later, she rocks.)  So, I decided to volunteer not to shave my armpits for a few weeks to see how I felt, how I got on etc. hairy   It's been fine.  I tend not to notice or care enough about reactions to bother me, so I have been going along in my own world, trying to wear sleeveless tops as much as possible so I feel like I am actually doing this etc. But I have an interview tomorrow.  I had planned to wear a sleeveless top for it, but I am twitching... will it go negatively against me?  Presentation is important, we all judge by appearance.  It shouldn't make a difference, but would it? It's a very odd feeling.  I haven't cared until the point where I am aware of people looking at me, examining me, and now I am questioning it so much.  I guess that is the point of it all though, it isn't about other people's feelings as much as my own, and now I can report back with "Yeah, freaked at hairy interview." I want to stick to my plan.  I want to wear what I feel confident in, regardless of hair.  I want to believe that it doesn't matter.... ...but I also really want this interview to go well... I have absolutely no idea what I will do yet.  I guess it is watch this space.  Hopefully I can come back and say that I stood firm.  I suspect I may be back saying that sleeves won.

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  1. Put me in touch with Hayley if she wants any more perspectives – I also rarely shave my legs, especially not in winter, but felt I “had to” for the recent opera charity gig thing. It had been so long I made myself bleed, and my skin felt all raw and itchy the next few days 🙁

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