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ADHD adjectives, come at me people!
And we're back to the assignment. (Oh interview... I bailed and wore sleeves, didn't get it regardless. I have more armpit updates but later). So I decided to focus on under/misdiagnosis in women. Those of you who have ADHD, think you have it, think a child has it... Give me the negative adjectives you've had, such as "lazy", "space cadet" etc. The article is coming together in my head. I'm planning to start with the bad words and end on the positive (so yeah, give me positive ones linked with it too). I'm nearing the finish line for year two, and currently my legs are burning, my lungs are made of fire, but I still have two miles left to go, and I have to run them due to some spectacular time management on my part. The Blerch won't get me though. I can do this... Maybe even actual physical running could occur when I'm done. I miss running.

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