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And onto the next stage
I finished Year Two! 28377607_10208631697989506_6672518104775752417_n I expected the second year of uni to just be more of the same of the first year, but it was a completely new experience.  Going in as the "old" one, I was stunned to make a close group of friends in the first year.  I never expected in a million years for that group to massively expand during the second year. I've created posters, I have done presentations ranging from feminist Tinkerbell to the damage of 50 Shades of Grey to the BDSM community. I have interviewed randoms about skulls. I have learnt about bees. I have raced chairs. I have read and helped judge primary school children's story competition entries. I have drunk many shots.  (Ok, that isn't exactly a new thing). I have laughed with stress, and cried with stress. I have found even more friends who I will never forget, even if our paths now split. Now it is onto the next stage.... Next year is "placement year", and I get to work within the industry for 30+ weeks.  The main issue being, what is the "English" industry?  Currently I am discovering that it crosses over with many things, specifically marketing, and those other things have specific degrees, which means getting passed over for a more "suitable" applicant.  It sucks, but I guess I just have to get better at explaining that I have all those skills PLUS the others. What do I want to do?  Communicate.  Write.  Social Media.  Publishing.  Marketing. Any and all of the above. Mostly, I want to experience everything possible.

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