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Words giggling behind trees
Hello! I had intended to be blogging far more by now, but life, as is its wont, has gone a bit wonky.   I did start to write about the content of the wonky, but it feels wrong, it isn't just my life.  What I feel I can write about though is how I have found new parts of myself in the last few weeks. I don't handle change well.  I tend to spiral easily under stress at home.  I can be extremely selfish and lazy. SOME JOBS But I have found new depths of patience and compassion within myself.  Ok, I am still not likely to volunteer to do all the jobs, but the necessary ones I can rise to. I've examined my personality a lot over the past month or so after some Deep Talks*, and I know which areas I want to work on, but it has been a relief to see that some of the ones I thought were the darkest, the light is still able to shine through them. This all feels very vague and odd.  It isn't flowing like it should, but I need to get the words out anyway.  The need to write is there, even if the words are hiding round behind trees, giggling as I get closer to catching them. Now if we could just make this Hot go away for a bit so that I can actually use my computer or sewing machine for more than 5 minutes at a time, that would be awesome.
  • Note to all - Do not, when moving into a new home during winter, decide that a conservatory is an ideal place for a computer/gaming/sewing room...
*aka: slurred emotional alcohol inspired conversation

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