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Screw it, just pull on your big girl pants
Yesterday I pulled on my big girl pants, and went to a networking event. Alone. By myself. With no-one else. I'll admit, walking in was less terrifying having met someone I knew at the door, but still, I was still doing this and talking to strangers. Free gin did help somewhat with that.  (Tarsier Gin btw - good stuff) 20180628_191554 It was a Screw It, Just Do It Virgin StartUp networking talk thing all about branding, and new companies.  The talks were really good, I ended up all inspired and shit, ok not for me finding a paid placement, but still, Stray is now having to suffer my enthusiasm instead.
"What do you mean it doesn't matter if we have products?" "Trust me..."
I spoke to people.  Not many, I am not up to that yet it seems.  I did meet a lovely one of them there marketing students who keep stealing my job placements, I checked though, and she didn't literally get any of the ones I have applied for, so she can live and I don't have to feel guilty for killing someone so lovely. More importantly though, I think I learnt a lot.  Even if it is just names of things to go look into to expand my knowledge further on. BUT... At the beginning there was a screen saying to upload an image on social media, do various tags, and there was a prize:
  • A day using THIS Workspace
  • A mentor session
  • Tickets to another event
  • A big box of Candy Kittens (seemingly these mean something if you watch Made In Chelsea... no, the dude from that wasn't there, he was filming apparently.) (Totally would have been able to pick him out of a lineup obv.)
I somehow managed to win said prize.  Nearly lost winning it by not paying attention to them saying "Flamesparrow". I'm not entirely sure what a mentor session would entail, but it sounds like it could be a helpful thing!  Time to work in an office environment on whatever I like sounds awesome.  I enjoyed the event, and would try harder with talking to people a second time round.  Plus, sweeties!  Which are actually really nice!  (I'm wary of posh sweeties in case they just taste posh). Did I get a placement or speak to anyone who could directly help me....?  Not so much. Did I meet some lovely people...? *waves to Amy if she is reading* Do I feel like I gained anything from it...?  Definitely Would I go to another one...?  Absolutely! Turns out that yanking up my big girl pants can bring good things.  I should try it more often.  Or something....    

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