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Bubble Mixture
I had intended that this summer would involve me writing.  I got myself a HuffPost Blog which was absolutely incredible, and the discussion from it, mainly on Reddit, produced a whole pile of ideas for more ADHD writing.  I have plans for what I want to write for the next few posts, a whole pile of research to do etc. I was going to do general blogging on here about life, the joys of trying to pin down a placement, how terrifying it is that I have had a clean kitchen for a fortnight.... smoke bubble But once again, cancer has entered our world. A disease that makes no sense.  That blindsides you.  That permeates all around it with fear and dread. How can I write about the various inane things when there is so much bigger enveloping us?  I know logically that by continuing with the inane things, the small things (yes, including the Man Thing's tiny hands), the mundane things, it keeps things on track.  It keeps our world from imploding.  But when the air is cloying and thick with smoke around you, it is hard to tell yourself that blowing bubbles will be good.  (Why yes, that is a very clunky analogy). My place at the moment is the one of holding my loved ones together.  My place is to know when to blow bubbles.  So, I need to shake my head clear, and start making bubble mixture.

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