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I need to write
Well that's weird, it just published a post I did months ago... I really want to write more. I miss writing. But at the same time I'm so so tired. Family drama is intense atm, but also I am working. A real big girl job. Go follow DocHQ on facebook, twitter, linkedin... It's fun. It's hard. It's exciting. I'm more confident than I ever expected to be. I'm using skills from uni that I wasn't even aware I had learnt. But also my brain had a summer to sleep so it's kinda rusty, and I have an hour commute each way twice a week. It's worth it though. I needed a placement year (not four weeks) to get some sort of idea of a life plan, and it's already helping. Now just to get back in the swing of it all so that I can be mum, and start writing again.

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