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Oh… I finished.
hunt_for_illidan_wei_wang_header So today was weird. Last night, I finished scheduling my social media posts for DocHQ.  I then had three days left of blog writing. It has been weird getting to this stage, as I had no intention of leaving, and even wanted to continue part time when uni went back, but life doesn't always go as planned. Anyway, back to today.  I got in to work, and a chance conversation made me realise I hadn't thought about if I was owed any holiday before finishing.  Turns out I had 3.5 days. Yep.  3.5 days.  With 3 days left. So... I'm kinda finished now. I'm not properly, I do not have it in me not to tie up all loose ends, but pretty much... I'm done. I was not prepared. I may have ADHD, but there is still a chunk that overlaps with ASD and it being the end without warning, without preparation, has utterly knocked me sideways. In August last year I was fairly sure I would never have a work placement, and would be returning to uni a year earlier than intended, without my Bitches. The last week of August I got a phone interview with Janet, after having been talking to Madhur on an app called Shapr that I was partially on placement hunting, partially just to network as a whole.  The day before placement deadline, I got a firm job offer.  Social media for a new company. My brain told me I could do it.  I have way too much experience with social media in general (what with living in my computer), I knew about using the internet for sales from Bumfluff, I knew about social media from Funsponge.  I had taught myself various SEO things for Bumfluff.  The knowledge was there, my google-fu was strong, and writing is who I am. My gut said hell no, why are you lying to these people, wtf do you think you are doing?!?!!? But, I pulled on my big girl pants.  I put on my "I can be a professionabubble grown up" make up (I think that happened about 4 times in total for the job), and I drove an hour away to start work at DocHQ.  There was meant to be another dude showing up that day - I never did find out what happened with him. From the moment I started, I wasn't a student placement.  I was the person in charge of wordy things (seemingly that wasn't my actual job title - I was also not allowed Social Media Guru).  By the time we got a Product Manager several months down the line, she dubbed me Content Editor (I think).  I was trusted to know what I was doing, or to figure it out, and trusted to follow my own instincts with content.  I think only cow farts and science of hugging caused proper eyebrow raising and a "maybe not". I have learnt so much, about managing myself, about using language, about writing.  The most eye opening for me was probably the white paper I did - realising I could write a factual piece based on things I know nothing about.  I understand now how people write essays for subjects that they don't study. My confidence has grown so much.  Lessons with Dan helped push me in the right direction for that - experience of sitting round and discussing ideas, of giving my thoughts on other people's projects - I was thrown into that situation on my second day, and would have just frozen without his classes. The team became family.  I don't recall ever having worked somewhere before where I genuinely liked everyone.  They were incredible and held me up whilst Zena was ill and died.  They shared their joy at my wedding.  They have been there for random photos of rashes on children, for broken arms.  They have been there for some major mental instability with just a quiet "should you need us..." rather than a "we know you're kinda fucked up right now". LAB103_dbabc439-a340-47a2-b159-35da7fd15304.png With them I added my first term to Urban Dictionary.  I learnt a lot of IMP facts.  I freed a House Elf.  I planned flying toasters.  They even made the foolish mistake of introducing me to Slack and giving me access to gifs.... It has been an amazing time, and I am truly gutted to be moving on.  I knew placement year would do me good, but I did not expect this... nowhere near.  

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