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Mr Stark, I don't feel so good... Gone stupidly emotional. In a couple of hours I'll see End Game. In 2008 I saw Iron Man in the cinema. I was married with two kids. I fell in love with Tony Stark and what would become the MCU. I wore an Avengers top on my first date with Adam. I saw the first Avengers with Adam, I think it was our first cinema trip together. I have seen every one at the cinema, across two continents (except for Hulk as I was still traumatised by Flubber Hulk so watched on dvd). Avengers have been with me through pregnancy, divorce, marriage... I remember my issues wanting to watch Iron Man 2, but couldn't because Emrys kept sleeping with the dvd under his pillow. I remember when Carys was first big enough to pick out dvds she would choose Captain America. I remember the excitement that Joss was involved, and then that sinking feeling knowing he destroys anyone I love. "Ooh they gave that agent a name! Nooooo.... They gave him a name..." I know it is "just" some films (and that soul destroying moment when I thought reading Civil War would be fun - all the tears), but they have been a constant in this massive change filled section of life. It sucks that Stan Lee just missed out. So many missed out. So many who started this journey in my life and haven't been able to finish it.

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