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To the women in the rainbow t-shirts…
140573_love-is-love-pride-2018-bandana_0 To the women in the matching rainbow t-shirts... I saw you. You were in front of us for a long time at Bourne Free on Saturday... I saw you. When you got separated and I showed you where your lover was, you thought it was because of the matching t-shirts, but it wasn't.  I saw you. One of you was fair, petite.  One of you was an Amazon. I have no idea if you had been together for 6 weeks or a decade.  But I saw you, and you made me see everything that Pride is about. Petite - you would look up at your Amazon in wonder.  Like you couldn't believe that she was yours. Amazon - you radiated a worship towards her.  You were always touching her in some way, not in a sexual way, purely in a way that looked like you were constantly reassuring yourself that she was real, and she was yours.  You would protect her from anything. The relationship was one thing, but the interaction between you was what made it so real.  I don't remember the last time I saw a same sex couple touching each other like that in a public space.  That tender caring.  The protective brushing of a hand on a shoulder.  The silent assurance of a hand on a hip. The more I looked around, the more I saw the affection from others too.  Very rarely was it sexual.  It was love, trust, confidence. It was in an enclosed area that you had to pay to enter. Go past a bus stop, and you will see heterosexual teens with their arms around each other.  Go to bar, you will see heterosexual adults kissing between drinks - that quick "I love you" peck.  Go to a cafe, you will see elderly heterosexual couples holding hands over their tea. Now go back to those places and look for the gays, the lesbians, the trans. We sent people into space 58 years ago. In 1903 we learnt how to fly. Sappho, in 6th century BC Lesbos, wrote of her love for women. Yet, in 2019, my children are in a world in which we still will not let people love each other. I discovered on Saturday that gay conversion therapy is still legal in the UK.  Yes, I am serious.  STILL LEGAL.  Not in a whole shooting a Welshman with a long bow type defunct bylaw way, but in a this shit is not illegal way. A whole chunk of the rest of the world still punish it with death. Parents globally will deny the existence of their children because they fall in love with someone who has matching genitals. The women in the rainbow t-shirts.  I saw them.  All I want now is to see them again.  I want to see them at the bus stops, at the bars, in the cafes.  I want to see them in all their pairings.  We need to see them. We also need to protect them. Petite had her Amazon protecting her at all times, but who is there to protect the Amazon? The women who want to kiss on the bus - we must protect them. The boys who want to hold hands outside school - we must protect them. It shouldn't be about having a safe place to show love.  It should be about love.            

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