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ADHD Awareness Month Questions… Doing chores.
So we're 8 days into ADHD Awareness Month, so I should probably start the posts I intended to write answering questions about ADHD. Obviously I could have done them as I got the questions and had them ready to post come October, but that isn't how ADHD works. You want to do The Thing. You're passionate about The Thing. But The Thing doesn't need doing now, so you will do The Thing closer to the time as there are other things you should be doing now. (But you don't care about those things so you hide from them and do nothing). Then it is 8 days into October and you have assignments but you are writing blog posts. Amusingly one of the assignments is blogging, but not this kind of blogging... Anyway... Question time!
If there is a problem with attention span, would it be easier to divide the daily chores into 20 sec segments and complete them all slowly throughout the day?
This kinda comes back to The Thing. The ADHD brain is a fickle thing. It thrives on rewards, and instant gratification. Knowing that when everything is done there will be something awesome (in the case of chores, a clean house, or a great dinner) does nothing much as it is too far away. For me personally, yes, dividing it into chunks of an absolute maximum of 20 mins helps, but there needs to be a reward and a break of 5-10 minutes after each chunk. Focus apps where you grow trees etc may seem childish, but that feeling of "I made something and I can see it NOW" provides that little dopamine blast to keep going. Apps like Unfck Your Habitat are awesome too as there is no thinking about the next job, you get given one at random. It adds to the gamification aspect, again, providing that dopamine hit. The other thing I love with the timer aspect is seeing how long things actually take. Realising it only takes two minutes to fill the dishwasher makes it far less daunting. Obviously only when I can remember to remind myself that it only takes two minutes. There is the other problem though of hyperfocus... If you get in the zone and then clean every inch of the bathroom for three hours, you get a really clean bathroom (and a bigger hit), but nothing else done. People who can snap out of hyperfocus are magical beings to me. So, as a tl;dr Yes. Dividing it into small chunks is a good way to get through as long as the rewards are there too.

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