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When character visualisation goes bad…
Teeny tiny post because I'm drowning under uni work, but this is related so shut it. I can't picture characters in books. I can see the scene, I can see their build and clothing, but hair and faces - nothing. Generally it's not a problem, but I do often substitute them for someone I know of the same name. So an adult Charlotte will be a grown up version of a friend Strawb had at nursery etc. Sometimes however my brain thinks it's funny, and substitutes the wrong thing, and I can't fix it. Up until now, the worst had been a woman called Ainsley in "The Edible Woman" who instantly transformed into this: But it has decided to go one better for my dissertation reading of "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" who has a friend called Grover. Seriously. FML. Please tell me other brains hate their humans too?

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