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Coronavirus, University, and it’s not fair!

I'll begin by saying that I know this is my personal issue. It is not a big thing in comparison to loved ones dying, people's businesses going under etc.

But... Uni is stopping face to face teaching from 23rd March for a month. My lecturer is self isolating as of now, so pretty much that is it. Yes, I agree that it is totally the right thing to do.

We are to have online lectures where possible, but my ADHD self is going to have serious issues managing that.

I am gutted.

Heartbroken type gutted.

This whole university experience has been one of the most incredible and life changing experiences of my life. This is not how it is meant to end.

I am meant to have more learning. More time with the incredible friends I have made. I know there will be a bit left afterwards, but it is that weird disjointed end bit.

Again, I know that this is privilege at its finest, but I need a few moments to stamp my feet, cry, and say "It's not fair."

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