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ADHD and Lockdown – Scream if you want to go faster! Or just scream…

How's everyone getting on during this weird as hell time?

I am a delight, cycling through chilled, happy, rage, tears, deflated, all at a moment's notice.

As much as we live in chaos, those of us with ADHD thrive on routine, and we have suddenly been flung into a huge change and need to figure out a new routine.

But wait… What's that you say? Emotional dysregulation?

Yeah baby! We're on edge because our routine has been thrown off. We're anxious because of the whole pandemic situation. Our emotion dial is worse than a dodgy hotel shower. Finding the sweet temperature spot is a safe cracking exercise, and breathing heavily can knock the dial up to 10.

Today was a prime example.

I woke happy. I was Active Parent for the morning. I got up the kids, fiddled with my phone for a bit, dealt with a child meltdown in a calm, loving way. When it was time to tag out of Active Parent I got out my uni work and decided that I would watch the shows I needed for research.

Everything was all very chilled.

Then 3.20pm came and I got tired (I get very tired, very quickly each afternoon). I went to take a nap but I was damp and sweaty (medication side effects). I wanted a shower but it is broken and the electrician who was to replace it has not contacted us since lockdown.

I then heard the man thing mention me going to the shops later. I have always shopped little and often because the supermarket overwhelms me, but now I can't. I started to panic about not being able to shop like that any more.

By the end of his call everything was too much and I was a crying mess with emotions ramped up to 15, in very much a 2 max situation.

I've now had a nap and can see all of this clearly.

Tiny things are amplified so much right now for EVERYONE, but especially those with ADHD.

Be kind.

And please help our loved ones. They're walking through emotional landmines right now, and don't deserve any of the injuries they're getting.

Oh, and #staythefuckathome

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