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Bring on my new chapter!

Oh ffs! I forgot Tuesday!

In my defence, I am living in a sauna and going near my computer is hell.

Lmao just got distracted by Gay Jesus on Queer Eye explaining the plot of Sister Act to the hero! (I have no idea if I posted about me screwing up reordering my hormone pills, but I'm currently experiencing the effects of that gap, so I'm all over the place today).

Anyway! I'm stupidly excited and terrified right now, because I just got this email.

6 or so years ago I would have described myself as a failure. Failed marriage, ended business, house always a mess, never finishing anything (not even a capped character in WoW after playing on and off from launch). Then I got diagnosed with ADHD.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't boom, meds, you're fixed. The meds have helped, but the main thing has been me understanding myself. This understanding gave me the confidence to try university. I figured I'd I did just one year, I would have learnt so much. By the end of that year there was no doubt that I was finishing the degree. By the end of year two I was not only finishing, but fighting for a first. As my final year closes, amid pandemic and strikes, that first is still on the table.

But I didn't feel finished. That stage of me didn't feel "done", so with the most supportive family ever, I applied for a masters course.

I'm so excited that I was accepted, and so terrified that I'm taking on more than I can handle. But it feels right.

Being on the new chapter!

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