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Dissertation Acknowledgements

There will be a whole post soon, but for now, the acknowledgements...

I have been thinking about this section for weeks, with my brain jumping to everyone who has made me feel that glimmer of “I’ve got this” over the past year or four. It is to them that I am writing thanks. First and foremost, to Sam Goodman, for a calmness that I have never known in a person before, especially in the face of deadlines hidden in clouds, and me figuratively (and sometimes literally) crying under the table talking about a hamster. My mum, for taking over with endless child taxi services whilst I was at uni, or my desk, or hiding from life. Dr. Phil Wilkinson (I cannot say your name without emphasising the Dr) for so many offers of Zoom support that I always forgot to turn up to. My Uni Babes for being there for all the tears, good and bad – we made it out alive. Suzanne Gotheimer for showing me the kind of woman I want to be if I ever grow up. Mandy, my amazing ALS mentor who I always left feeling like I totally had this nailed. My babies, who have looked at me, and talked about me with such pride that I could never quit: Carys, with her face of unwavering confidence in my ability. Emrys for fixing my Rubiks Cube every time. Bronwyn, for all the tea, lunches, and “no, you can’t ask people that”. Charley (the Donovan fan), and the BlurStans on Twitter who I offended, yet they still sent support. Astra, for always being with me in hideous unicorn form. The many “strangers” who live in Narnia my computer who have supported me and dragged me through so many meltdowns. Messrs Beam and Daniels, without whom many drafts would have been far shorter. But finally, and most importantly – Adam. Stacey Turis says that everyone with ADHD needs that one person in their life who is their cheerleader, who will always pick them up regardless of whatever insane thing they have done (or done again) this time. Ok, he’s more like one of Marilyn Manson’s cheerleaders, or the Al to my Sam Beckett (that will make sense soon), but he’s that for me. He’s given me a mix of love, sarcasm, alcohol, and endless sacrifice (not the literal slaughter kind) to get me through this part of my quest, and I can never thank him enough.

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